About OneChild

Our Mission

OneChild is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing disadvantaged children with new clothing and school supplies. OneChild began in Fremont, California and now serves families throughout the Bay Area.

Our Vision

I am only one, but I am someone…
I can’t do everything, but I can do something.

Recognizing that we cannot save the world, we choose not to walk away, but to help one child at a time.

Our goal is to promote self-esteem in underprivileged children, so they may appreciate their individual worth.

OneChild offers a variety of volunteer opportunities. We also welcome monetary donations of any amount. Your help goes a long way in bringing joy to the lives of children… one child at a time.

A Message from Founder Bernie Dutra

OneChild has been my passion since its beginning. All children deserve the basic necessities for success in school. At OneChild, we outfit children from our community in a comfortable environment that allows the children to “shop” (free of charge) for their new clothes and supplies in our OneChild store.

The process is reminiscent of the “back-to-school” shopping that is a tradition for many other children in their school. Thus, these children feel the same sense of pride in their school clothes and supplies. We feel privileged to have served over 5,000 children so far and we don’t expect to stop there.

I have been fortunate to use my passion to help disadvantaged children. We hope that you too will be inspired to help children within the community. We are grateful for your interest and appreciate any contribution to our cause. We know that we cannot succeed without your support.